Japanese Sauce and Gourmet Dressing

History - Award Winning Japanese Sauce

“TRADITION CREATES A DELICIOUS SEASONING” is the mantra at Argo Century Inc., the home to numerous international awards winning Tonton Sauce and Dressing. It was Tonton’s founder Yoshi Shioda’s simple desire to bring authentic Japanese cuisine to everyone in the USA. It was the same passion Yoshi and his wife Toshiko to open their first authentic Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte NC in 1984 when “sushi” was still an exotic and foreign dish.

Restaurant Tokyo quickly captured a huge dedicated and loyal following, because of the truly authentic Japanese dished being prepared by Japanese chefs and incredibly warm cultural experience provided by Yoshi and Toshiko.

Tonton’s first significant milestone was winning the annual NASFT’s (National Association of Specialty Food Trade) competition in 2000. Recognized within the specialty food industry as the most prestigious award, this award brought national media exposure.

Today, Tonton continues to expand, with ever new and exciting products, but we are still sincerely committed to bringing the exceptional Japanese flavors and quality to the American dinner table. “Tonton” means “knock-knock” in Japanese. We hope you will enjoy Tonton in your home as much as we enjoy it in our home.

Yoshi, Toshiko, and Mayumi