Seafood Salad

2 leaves Red Leaf Lettuce
1 Snow Crab Leg
3 Shrimp
3 Scallops
3 slices Cucumber
3 Tomatoes (sliced)
4 Broccoli (sliced)
Tonton Japanese Vinaigrette
Mustard or Horseradish

  1. Cut red leaf lettuce in preferred size. Place on plate.
  2. Boil crab leg for 20 seconds and drain. Do not dispose of hot water. Pull meat out shell.
  3. Boil shrimp with same hot water. Skin shrimp.
  4. Boil scallops for 30 seconds in a separate pot. Slice in preferred size.
  5. Place vegetables, crab meat, shrimp and scallops on plate. Pour Tonton Japanese Vinaigrette over it. Add mustard or horseradish if you like.
Makes 1 serving.